• Client centred approach
  • Vast experience working collaboratively
  • Open communication with Client
  • Highest quality specialists & consultants

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  • Receive clients instructions
  • Advise of statutory requirements
  • Site Specifications obtained
  • Detailed measured survey
  • Report on environmental issues
  • Building Impact Statement
  • Feasibility Study to communicate solutions

Strategic Brief

  • Engaging with client & all parties involved
  • Transparent & synthesised strategic brief
  • Open Communications with all Detailed design brief incl layouts Stakeholders

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  • Assembly off all relevant info
  • Client’s principle aims & Objectives
  • Detailed design brief incl layouts of external massing
  • Key targets for costing
  • Timeframe of project
  • Clear functions of parties
  • Completion of surveys, inspections
  • Preliminary enquiries of L.A’s
Strategic Brief


  • Well coordinated bi-monthly design meetings
  • Coordination of all consultants reports
  • Confirmation of procurement method 
  • Coordination of info for Q.S.
  • Full design review

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  • Outline proposals on all aspects
  • Results of Survey on relevant legislation
  • Outline design proposals reflecting design brief
  • Several detailed proposal docs
  • Incl finalised design brief
  • Preparation and submission of Applications alongside existing/Proposed drawings
  • Design Access statements

Product Information

  • Lead, Collaborate and Co-ordinate
  • Collaborate with interior design
  • To supply room layouts
  • Lead design Team
  • Resolve critical design issues
  • Identify solutions

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  • Functional Output
  • Final Design sign-off
  • Develop product info for tender
  • Design drawings
  • Contractor design details
Product Information


  • Analyse solutions & reduce risks
  • Well respected reliability & experience
  • Manage risk proactively
  • Well co-ordinated approach to overcome problems/suggest solutions

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  • Finalised Tender Docs for Q.S
  • List of potential contractors
  • Health&Safety File
  • Tender List Approved with clients
  • Advise on contract requirements


  • Safe-well coordinated experience
  • Mobilisation well handled

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  • Confirm relevant statutory approvals received
  • Coordinate Party Wall Act Assist Q.S in preparation of Of Contract and negotiations 
  • Provide required set of drawings, schedules, specs to contractor


  • Approachable
  • Hands–on
  • Constantly in touch with progress
  • Regular site meetings
  • Proactive to address problems
  • Provide solutions

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  • Coordination with construction
  • Contractor
  • Setting-out information
  • Check contractor complying with statutory requirements
  • Liaise with contract administrator
  • To administer building contract
  • Coordination of all consultant’s comments

Practical Completion

  • Well established routine
  • Experienced in what to watch for
  • Open communication with all parties

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  • Inspect works
  • Sign-off inspection list
  • Information to Quantity Surveyor for final account
  • Preparation for handover
Practical Completion