Future Build 2019

Posted by Maricruz Solera
08 Apr 19

I was very impressed by the conference on Scaling up Passivhaus in the UK and the USA at this years Future Build exhibition held at the Excel Centre in London. The conference gave an insight into a 26 story high-rise in New York and Europe’s first passivhaus leisure centre and swimming pool. Moreover, the conference explored the importance of passivhaus through innovative design.

Passivhaus is an energy efficient standard that reduces the buildings’ environmental footprint creating buildings that require minimum energy for space heating or cooling. This can be achieved through a combination of low-energy technology and construction. The main design principles to take into consideration is passive design (orientation of the building relative to sun path, shading, landscape design etc.). In order to achieve the passivhaus certified standard typical walls, floors and roofs U-values should be in between the 0.10 to 0.15 W/m2K. High-performance glazing – often triple-glazed, with low-emissivity and solar reflective coatings and argon- or krypton-filled cavities should be applied to buildings. Furthermore, attention to construction detail in order to achieve high air tightness throughout the building is of extreme importance.

St Sidwell's Point Exeter City Council’s first Passivhaus leisure centre and swimming pool.