RIBA Journal Rising Stars 2020

Posted by Farran Keenan
19 Nov 20

Eighteen entries from early career design professionals have been shortlisted for this year's RIBA Journal Rising Stars, in association with Origin. - Contenders for this year's cohort include archi-preneurs, BAME mentors and sustainability champions.

“Throughout my professional career I have consistently looked for ways to shake-up the industry regarding climate change and sustainability. Working in a practice with a strong ethos for conservation has given me a vital lesson in the importance of durability and planning for the future. I am convinced that the built environment must provide a better future for all, particularly in a world so affected by the current pandemic. Though it may be the largest hurdle the industry has had to face I believe that we can make a difference and now is the time to act.

Architecture is not just a job. We must push the boundaries and apply the knowledge and creativity we bring to the profession, strive for a better future, and make the built environment resilient to the challenges we face and will continue to face in the future. Mentoring and supporting other aspiring architects has shown me that the boundaries are there to be pushed.”

Active member of the RIBA, involved in Young Architects Initiative and participant in RIBA Refabricate Project, collaborating with industry professionals combatting climate change, founder of Youchitect tackling industry issues connecting small local business owners with homeowners wishing to improve their own homes whilst encouraging upcycling and recycling of materials in domestic construction, RIBA Mentor for the RIBA mentoring scheme.  https://www.ribaj.com/intelligence/rising-stars-2020-shortlist