Working as a new employee at Wolff Architects

Posted by Maricruz Solera
08 Jan 18

I joined Wolff Architects last year, looking for a fresh new challenge for my career.  The high end architecture portfolio appealed to me and I was impressed by the opportunities offered during my interview.

I enjoy the fast pace of working here immensely, which began from day one. I have always been one to get ‘stuck in’ when it comes to a project and Wolff enables you to take on more responsibility if you are comfortable with it. I  have been given the opportunity to work on luxury apartments and large suburban villas. The projects in the office vary significantly - one hour we could be working on an on-site package for a contractor who just called and the next may be a planning application or detailing a stone pavilion- it keeps things interesting!

Since joining I have been made to feel part of the team both during projects, on which we work with partners, but also personally. We are able to take on responsibilities within the office to improve that team culture- I currently help run social media accounts and help with social events, ideas and occasionally CPD’s.

We work hard during the day and it is important to be on the ball - we are however able to relax and bond as an office through social events. Once a month we have an internal presentation of our own projects to provide the others with an insight into what we are working on and potential pitfalls to avoid! A second late afternoon Friday each month we partake in a social event out of the office which could be anything from a visit to a museum, to bowling, to a trip to a local pub. During the summer months we enjoy the weather in Regent’s Park playing softball with other architecture practices- always lots of fun!

Each employee in the office is enabled to pursue their strengths and interests, be it technical or design orientated. One of the ethoses of the Directors is to prompt employees to understand what makes good design both visually and practically, and they are always available for help when you may need it. One of the most significant benefits of working for Wolff is that they want you to grow both in your career as a holistic architect at the same time as building your confidence as a person.  

Since working in the office and being involved in the fabulous homes, I have developed a keen interest in the design aspect of new and refurbishment residential architecture, as well as the interiors and finishes of projects. This I hope to explore further on upcoming jobs at Wolff Architects, you never know what project might be coming around the corner!